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23rd Feb 2024

Harry Potter series release date finally confirmed

Ryan Price

We’ve got all the details on when it will drop and where you can watch.

The head of Warner Bros has confirmed that the eagerly-anticipated Harry Potter series will be debut on the HBO Max streaming service in 2026.

So far, we know that the TV spin-off will aim to cover all seven books written by JK Rowling, and a team of top level writers and producers from both the UK and the US will collaborate on the project.

One of the rumoured writers is Succession‘s Francesca Gardiner, so if that’s an indication of the calibre on board we’re in for a treat.

In terms of casting, Warner Bros has hinted they will look at bringing in young actors, given that they’re proceeding through Rowling’s books in order.

As for a return of any of the film franchise’s stars — like Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson or Rupert Grint — never say never. It would certainly be a PR boost for the series and, while new actors will be cast in the primary roles, there are always flashforwards or the currently en vogue multiverse plot ploy that could create space for more familiar faces in the series.

But Daniel Radcliffe has said he is fine with sitting on the sidelines.

The franchise’s creator Rowling will also be on board for the creative direction of the programme.

 The author has complete creative control over any exploitation of her work.

Plans for the series have been in the works for a few years now, so having a release date confirmed at least gives die-hard fans a timeframe to work with.

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