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05th Jun 2024

Fans of Kin urged to watch gritty gangland drama labelled ‘best Irish show of all time’

Charlie Herbert

Fans of Kin urged to watch gritty gangland drama labelled 'best Irish show of all time'

If you’re loving the new series of Kin, this is the show for you

Brits have been loving Kin recently after it arrived on BBC iPlayer.

The first series of the Irish crime drama landed on iPlayer last year, with the second batch of episodes dropping on the platform last month.

The show follows the story of the Kinsella family, and their tense partnership with a drug cartel and crime lord Eamon Cunningham.

The AMC drama features a stellar cast, including Ciaran Hinds, Emmett J Scanlan and Aidan Gillen.

Fans of the series are now being urged to watch another crime drama which has been labelled the ‘best Irish show of all time.’

Love/Hate is a gangster series set in drug-fuelled criminal underworld of Dublin and follows Darren Treacy, who is returning to the capital after hiding in Spain to escape police.

When he returns to Ireland though, he finds out that his ex-girlfriend Rosie has moved on and his brother Robbie has been the victim of a drive-by shooting by a rival gang.

This sparks a gang war as Darren and his friends seek revenge for the shooting.

It features a similarly stellar cast to Kin, including Misfits star Robert Sheehan as Darren, Avengers actor Tom Vaughan Lawlor stars as Nidge, Happy Valley star Charlie Murphy as Siobhán Delaney. and a baby-faced Barry Keoghan before his days of Saltburn fame.

Another the series’ stars is Kieran O’Reilly, who has previously described Love/Hate as the “greatest ever Irish television show.”

Originally airing on RTÉ from 2010 to 2014, Brits can now watch all five seasons of Love/Hate on ITVX.

The series has received plenty of comparisons to Kin, with one person writing on social media: “For anyone who has discovered the brilliance that is Kin on BBC iPlayer I’d heartily recommend Love/Hate over on ITVX it is a hidden gem of a programme.”

Another said: “Right lads am starting Love/Hate the now. Apparently it’s better than Kin.”

A third commented: “After all the recommendations, we’ve started Love/Hate. Kin was class, and a few say this is better.”

And there’s plenty of debate about which show is better. One fan wrote: “Kin is good, but it’s no Love/Hate.”

A second agreed: “Finished off Love/Hate, though Kin was good but this topped that.”

But others reckoned Kin was the better series, with one person saying: “I’m gonna say it, Kin is better than Love/Hate.”

Another wrote: “Started watching Kin,never thought anything be as good as Love/Hate but this is brilliant.”

All five seasons of Love/Hate are available to watch on ITVX, whilst both series of Kin are available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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