Everybody's favourite trainspotter Francis Bourgeois spotted raving this weekend 6 months ago

Everybody's favourite trainspotter Francis Bourgeois spotted raving this weekend

The icon makes the jump from trains to techno

Everybody's favourite trainspotter Francis Bourgeois was spotted raving with the best of them at The Warehouse Project in Manchester over the weekend.


The social media personality was seen dancing with fans at the FAC21 Hacienda event on Saturday, getting all aboard the party train.


Both Bourgeois and Warehouse Project shared the monumental occasion on Instagram, leaving those cosied up at home with some serious FOMO.

But Bourgeois couldn't venture to Manchester without taking a look at the city's rich locomotive history. Journeying to the Mayfield Depot, Bourgeois noted the location's 'railway history' while also noting that The Warehouse Project is an 'awesome club'.

He said: "Here I am at the Mayfield Depot in Manchester. Brilliant railway history and an awesome club too! @whp_mcr."

He continued: "I feel like there's a lot of connection between my passion for trains and my love for music, especially electronic music, with industrial sounds similar to big diesel engines and clickety clackity of the rails."


The video has amassed over 120k likes, which should come as no surprise considering Bourgeois' iconic head camera appearance.

One fan replied: "Francis in the club is content we love to see."

Another said: "Omg! You should've done a meet and greet. I would pay to come to that!"

Comedian and internet personality Dapper Laughs wrote: "Need to find a woman that looks at me the way he looks at trains."


Next time, I am hoping I get an invite.

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