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12th Dec 2022

Elon Musk ‘stunned’ after being ‘booed relentlessly’ at Dave Chappelle show

Charlie Herbert

Chappelle brought the Twitter owner on stage during a gig

Elon Musk was met with a chorus of boos after he was welcomed on stage by Dave Chappelle at his gig in San Francisco.

The comedian was performing at California’s Chase Center on Sunday (December 11) when he announced that Musk, who recently bought social media giant Twitter, would be joining him.

Chappelle then asked the crowd to “make some noise for the richest man in the world”, and in fairness to them, they did do just that.

Whilst some cheered Musk onto the stage, it sounds like many more weren’t too pleased to see him, and made their feelings about the Tesla CEO very clear.

Despite Chappelle’s attempts to quell the anger with some jokes – quipping that it “sounds like some of the people you fired are in the audience” – Musk continued to be “booed relentlessly”, with several taking to Twitter to share footage of the awkward scene.

Noting that Musk was about to address a pretty tough crowd, Chappelle joked that the people booing loudest were only unhappy because they “have terrible seats”.

The comedian then told the crowd to cut the billionaire some slack as he’s “not even trying to die on Earth.”

But the booing showed no signs of letting up, with some who were there saying that it carried on for 10 minutes.

Some even ended up feeling sorry for Musk.

Musk briefly lost his title as world’s richest man last week after a sharp drop in the value of Tesla stock.

He has also recently suggested people are trying to assassinate him, saying that he reckons the risk of something happening to him is “significant.”

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