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22nd Dec 2015

Ed Sheeran makes Christmas come early for his family with a £750,000 gift

Better than socks and a CD...


Ed Sheeran knows how to keep everyone happy – buy a new home for his parents just down the road.

The singer, who already owns a property near his mother and father in Framlingham, Suffolk, splashed out to ensure John and Imogen have a place to stay when they visit him in the British capital.

It’s believed the star – who has announced he’s having a break until next Autumn – paid £750k for the new abode opposite his £9million North London home.

The reason? He’s thinking about childcare for the day he has kids.

Ed said: “My thing is, I bought a house about a mile away from them where we live in a countryside, and I bought a flat and a house pretty much opposite each other in London. So when I have kids, when they start getting a little bit irritating, I’ve got the grandparents there.”