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13th Oct 2017

Eastenders viewers are livid at the cost of a coffee and bacon sandwich in Kathy’s

And rightly so. An outrage.


You know how it goes at this time of year.

Dare we say it, Christmas is on the horizon, meaning most of us will have little choice but to part with lots of our hard earned cash in the weeks and months to come. The office parties, the pub catch ups with old friends and the buying of presents for loved ones and other members of the family we don’t actually see or like that much.

It’s at times like this we should all probably be keeping a careful watch on the pennies.

Spare a thought then, for the good people of the fictional London borough of Walford, who almost need to take out a mortgage just to get themselves a coffee and a bacon sarnie in the morning…

Yep, much to the horror of viewers of Eastenders viewers, we learned on Friday that the the robbing bastards at Kathy’s are charging a whole six quid for a bacon or sausage butty and a coffee. Six. Quid.

A sign was spotted on the wall behind Mick as the pub landlord had a chat with Shirley.