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25th Aug 2016

Eastenders viewers are going mad after spotting this plot fail




As Eastenders viewers will know, Mark Fowler Jr joined the soap a couple of weeks ago and fans had a lot to say about him.

Many commented on his appearance and welcomed his role on the show with a lot of heart-eye emojis accompanying the various tweets (check here if you missed it).

Anyway, Mark arrived in Albert Square from America after Phil Mitchell rang him to come over, against Sharon’s wishes. Stirring up trouble as per usual, the scoundrel.

Since Mark, played by Ned Porteous, appeared in the East End, viewers have been concentrating on one particular thing.

Although he’s lived in America all his life, he speaks with an English accent and fans can’t get their heads around it at all.

However, it has been pointed out by one viewer that since Mark went to an English school as a child, this explains why he lacks an American accent.

Another viewer isn’t at all happy with this explanation, describing it as a “sloppy” storyline on Eastenders’ behalf.

Despite that, most ‘Stenders fans are delighted by the most recent addition to the soap.

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