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15th Dec 2016

Eagle-eyed EastEnders viewers have spotted a problem with the Mitchell’s festive getaway retreat

'Someone needs the chop'


What is it with EastEnders viewers and their constant quest to flag up anything in the show that looks even remotely close to being a mistake?

Last week, they were up in arms about how the closing credits had inadvertently given the plot of an important storyline away; this week, they’re not happy with Ronnie Mitchell’s choice of Christmas getaway.

In a nutshell, Ronnie – in a bid to lift Mitchell spirits as Phil dies a slow death of liver failure – decides to book the family into a lovely little Dorset cottage for the festive period.

Ignoring for a minute that (much like Mary and Joseph) she probably wouldn’t have any luck making a reservation anywhere between December 24 and 28 at such short notice, there was also a pretty significant problem with her choice of destination.

This wasn’t just any old chocolate box cottage. Oh no. This was the one time residence of Anne Hathaway (William Shakespeare’s other half – not the American actress one).

Because of this, the cottage – which is actually in Warwickshire, not Dorset – wouldn’t ever have been available to rent out for a Mitchell festive shindig.

Well spotted everyone. It’s almost as if EastEnders is *completely* made up, isn’t it?

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