Devastation as Jennifer Lawrence announces she's getting rid of her sense of humour 4 years ago

Devastation as Jennifer Lawrence announces she's getting rid of her sense of humour

It's a dark day for fans of relatable celebrities.

Devastation has rocked the entertainment industry today as Jennifer Lawrence has announced that she will no longer be having a sense of humour.


Fans of the actress and humour alike are currently overcome with grief at such a mammoth loss to the cause.

Speaking to Lorraine on the TV show Lorraine, Jennifer (who is still firmly on the UK's hit list after making a blatantly scripted joke at Joanna Lumley during the BAFTAs) told the nation that she won't be making any more jokes.

"I have a horrible, awful sense of humour that I'm just gonna cut it out"


With those fifteen words, the weight was lifted from J-Law's sculpted shoulders, but transferred onto the adoring public's.

Jennifer Lawrence has long been known for her outstanding sense of humour. Remember that time she tripped up the steps as she was collecting her Oscar? Hilarious.

Or what about the time she read out a mean tweet about herself on Kimmel? What a hoot!

Lorraine laughing at what is sure to be J-Law's final blast of her sense of humour

Some will welcome this news after Jennifer's run-in with Joanna Lumley at the BAFTAs last week. In a move that many fans are still recovering from, Jennifer obliterated Joanna by saying "that was a bit much" after she obscenely called her "the hottest actress on the planet" and "ravishing".

This exceptional joke was reportedly written by a team of eighteen comedians who set aside their differences for the greater good - to make Jennifer Lawrence seem funny and relatable.

The joke went over approximately five British people's heads, so they swore to never respect Lawrence again, sticking up for Joanna Lumley who was bravely acting as though the cutting remark didn't phase her.


So where do we go from here? A famous actress is going to give up her sense of humour. She'll take part in interviews and remain neutral in every capacity. Her awards show appearances will be dry. She may never smile again. It's a tragedy, but it's vital for the longevity of her blossoming career.

Today is a dark day for manufactured, faux-relatable humour. RIP.