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14th Jan 2016

David Bowie has been privately cremated after the legend requested no funeral, says reports

Enigmatic in death, as in life


David Bowie has been cremated in private, it has been reported.

The music legend died on Sunday at the age of 69 after an 18-month battle with cancer.

And after telling his loved ones he didn’t want a funeral, David’s body was apparently cremated in America without any family or friends present.

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According to the Daily Mirror, David had told his nearest and dearest, including his 60-year-old wife Iman, that he only wanted to remembered for his music.

The newspaper claims the ‘direct’ cremation, which would have involved his remains being cremated without any sort of ceremony, would have cost between £480 and £630.

It also means that David’s friends and family won’t be able to say goodbye to him at a funeral.

However, several tribute concerts for the singer will be held in the next few months, where fans will be able to bid farewell to the legendary star.