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30th Dec 2015

David Beckham praised for raising plight and playing pranks in new documentary


David Beckham has been hailed for his football documentary where he visited 11 countries in 10 days.

The former Manchester Untied and Real Madrid legend played matches everywhere from a refugee camp in Djibouti to a World Heritage Site in Nepal in For The Love Of The Game, now showing on BBC’s iPlayer.

Along with raising the plight of children all over the world, his personal moments also allowed us to see the true nature of David Beckham, which is someone who loves a prank.

Late one night he called home and said to his Arsenal-supporting son Romeo: “If you sing a Tottenham song to me, as an Arsenal fan, I won’t tell your mum [you’re still up].”

We’re sure Romeo stuck to his guns and didn’t belt out a verse of Oh When The Spurs Go Marching In.

Besides it wasn’t long before his kids got their own back – this was the last prank over Christmas when Becks, 41, was grabbing a quick snooze.