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29th Dec 2015

Daniel Radcliffe has an absolutely eye-watering sum of money in his bank account…

That's a lot of cash.


Most of our savings are severely depleted by the time payday rolls around.

We work damn hard for our paycheques every month, so sometimes we get a little too excited when they finally come in end up treating ourselves to things we shouldn’t be buying, leaving us struggling for cash by the end of the month once more.

And it’s even worse if you’ve ever made the switch from being paid weekly to monthly, with a barren six-week period with no pay a common occurrence during the switch-over.

It’s hard enough to build up any savings without the constant demands of things like “rent” and “food” hanging over your head.

But that’s not the case for Daniel Radcliffe, who has almost £60m stashed away.

More accurately, the 26-year-old actor has £59,393,476 in his company Gilmore Jacobs, according to reports filed to Companies House. That’s right, he has earned more than £2m per year in his life.

So it makes sense that the near-£60m figure is £2m more than he had the year before – and we’re still to learn how well he has done for himself in 2016 thanks to films like Swiss Army Man and Now You See Me 2.

With the continued popularity of all things Harry Potter as well as his still successful acting career which is ongoing, we can’t imagine he’ll be struggling for lunch any time soon.