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18th Sep 2021

Daniel Craig says goodbye to James Bond in emotional farewell speech

Danny Jones

Daniel Craig has said his goodbye to Bond

The end of an era

It’s official: it’s over. Daniel Craig has done his last Bond movie and has said goodbye to the 007 status that he has enjoyed since 2006.

In an emotional speech given to the cast and crew after the final day on set, Craig spoke of how much the role and this last film, No Time to Die, has meant to him.

As he mentions in the clip, some of these people he has worked with on all five of his Bond outings – Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall, Spectre and now this – and it goes without saying that they have been crucial to keeping these movies going.

He even alluded to his own comments about the films over the years, as the 53-year-old has been fairly open about his battles with playing the role – partly being the reason that this is his last one. Just a week ago, Craig said “I was physically and mentally under siege” while playing Bond.

Despite all that, however, Craig insisted that he “loved every single second of these movies” and called it “one of the greatest honours of [his] life”. As he efforts to get that last sentence out, his voice breaks and you can hear him holding back the tears. So were we.

Craig will go down as arguably the greatest to play Bond ever, bringing a darker grittiness to the role as well as executing the dry wit on the surface that makes the character the cool customer he is.

Farewell, Daniel Craig and thanks for the memories.

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