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08th Feb 2024

Cillian Murphy’s son cast in upcoming film alongside big Hollywood names

Simon Kelly

Cillian Murphy son Aran

Following in the footsteps of the Oscar nominee

Cillian Murphy’s son Aran, has been cast in an upcoming film starring some big Hollywood names.

According to Deadline, Aran joined the cast of Klara and The Sun, alongside Wednesday star Jenna Ortega and Amy Adams.

The new feature film will be an adaptation of Nobel winning author Kazuo Ishiguro’s bestselling novel and will be directed by Taika Waititi (Thor: Ragnorok, Hunt For The Wilderpeople).

Cillian Murphy’s son cast in upcoming film alongside big Hollywood names

In the upcoming film, which is set in an unspecified future version of the US, Ortega will play Klara, an ‘Artificial Friend’ robot designed to prevent loneliness, that Adams’ character buys for her sickly daughter Josie (Mia Tharia).

Murphy will play Josie’s best friend and next door neighbour, Rick. The movie will be a feature film debut for the Peaky Blinders star’s son.

The logline for the film states: “This is the story of Klara’s quest to save Josie and those who love her from heartbreak and how in the process Klara learns the power of human love.”

Aran played the title character in the play Hamnet, directed by Bush Moukarzel and Ben Kidd, from 2018-2019, which opened in the Abbey Theatre in Dublin, before travelling to London, New York, Boston, Brisbane and Hong Kong.

The 16-year-old is the younger of Cork-born Murphy’s two sons with Kilkenny-born visual artist Yvonne McGuinness, the other being his older brother Malachy, 18.

Cillian Murphy is one of the favourites to nab the Oscar for Best Actor this year, for his role in Christopher Nolan’s war epic Oppenheimer.