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29th Jan 2016

Chandler Bing owes Julia Roberts a call right about now

Hotline Bing


We know Chandler and Monica are one of the greatest couples ever created, but there was a time when Mr Bing was a man on a mission.

Before Chandler hooked up with his best friend’s sister, he decided to reconnect with an attractive school friend he knew back in the day.

For those who can’t remember the episode The One After The Super Bowl: Part 2′, Chandler runs into a girl from his school days, Susie, who has grown up to be played by the effortlessly stunning Julia Roberts.

After convincing Chandler to wear a bright pink thong, Susie then suggests that they should have sex in a restaurant bathroom.

What he doesn’t realise is that she’s secretly plotting her revenge for a childhood prank where Chandler pulled up her skirt during a school play.

After taking his clothes and leaving him naked in a toilet stall, Susie invites Chandler to give her a call in 20 years to let her know if his wounds of embarrassment still hurt.

The episode aired the night of January 28, 1996… so his time has finally come.

The ball is in your court Chandler Bing/Mathew Perry.