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28th Jun 2017

Brutal moment from new Your Face Or Mine is difficult to watch

Would you want the money that much?

Darragh Murphy


There are two kinds of boyfriends.

One kind will value the feelings of his girlfriend above all else. The other will make for television gold on Your Face Or Mine.

In case you’ve not seen the new Comedy Central show, it consists of couples taking to a couch opposite a pair of ruthless comedians, Jimmy Carr and Katherine Ryan.

The couples answer a series of questions based on their looks and, more often than, we see a few awkward moments like when boyfriends rate strangers as slightly more beautiful than their girlfriends or girlfriends suggest that their boyfriends’ brothers are hotter.

But you don’t often see a moment as savage as the one that took place during this week’s episode.

Kaio threw caution to the wind in the name of making a quick buck as he was asked the question that nobody wants to be asked on live television with your girlfriend sat two feet away.

“Who’s better looking… your ex or your current?”

Cue brutal honesty from the young man in question, who admitted that he found his ex-girlfriend more attractive than the girl with whom he was currently in a relationship.

“Because she’s beautiful,” Kaio offered by way of explanation for his decision.

Viewers of the show are accustomed to uncomfortable moments but nobody had seen anything quite like the above.