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26th Jul 2022

Britpop icons Pulp to reform for 2023 shows

Danny Jones

Pulp reuniting for 2023 concerts

Good news for Common People

Legendary Britpop band Pulp are set reform for a series of concerts in 2023, the first new slate of shows they will have performed in over a decade.

Drummer Nick Banks confirmed the reunion on BBC Radio Sheffield, remarking, “it’s not bad [news] is it?”, confirming that the band’s home town of will be on their list of dates next year. The 56-year-old long-serving member took to Twitter shortly after to inform fans that it has “all gone a bit mental” following the announcement.

Banks insisted that popular 80s and 90s UK band never suffered a particularly acrimonious split, arguing instead that they just put everything on hold for a while – as they did in the years between their split in 2002 and the first, short-lived reunion in 2011.

“It was never a case of us all starting calling each other names and chucking our toys out of the pram”, he said; “The band gets put in a drawer under the bed and you know it’s safe there and eventually it’s going to get resurrected.”

Hints at a potential comeback were first made by frontman Jarvis Cocker, who posted this somewhat cryptic video to his Instagram, asking his followers: “What exactly do you do for an encore?”

The 58-year-old co-founding member then went on to confirm the news himself on during a Guardian Live event on Monday night, shouting “Next year Pulp are going to play some concerts!” to a reception of massive cheers.

A version of Pulp last played together back in December 2012 for a first homecoming gig in Sheffield, as well as on board SS Coachella with a then-new standalone single called “After You.”

It is unclear whether the band is working on any new material ahead of their much-anticipated return but something tells us this second homecoming is going to be even sweeter.

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