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28th Dec 2016

Britain is left divided as Victoria Beckham is due to be awarded OBE

Not everyone's in agreement.


2016 has been a year of division across the country.

First we had the Brexit vote. Then it was the turn of the World Cup of Christmas Films fiasco. And now the reaction to the sight of Victoria Beckham’s name on the New Year’s Honours list.

Beckham will be rewarded for her services to fashion and charity with an OBE, the Daily Mail reports.

She was said to be “‘delighted and humbled for the recognition,” an unnamed source told the paper.

The award comes more than a decade after husband David was awarded an OBE of his own.

While the former Spice Girl has made a name for herself in two separate fields, some are surprised to learn that she is among those to be honoured.

But others believe she is absolutely deserving, in the light of her many achievements outside her initial music career.

Meanwhile, some have pointed out that the honours system itself has something of a chequered past.