Bill Maher says Jada Pinkett Smith ‘lucky’ to just have alopecia 3 months ago

Bill Maher says Jada Pinkett Smith ‘lucky’ to just have alopecia

'It happens to all of us'

Bill Maher has slammed the infamous Oscars slap situation, stating that Jada Pinkett Smith is "lucky" to just have alopecia.


During HBO's "Real Time With Bill Maher" on April 1, the television host spoke on the moment Chris Rock, 57, made a joke regarding Jada Pinkett Smith's haircut, branding her "G.I Jane." Pinkett Smith has been open about suffering from alopecia.

"If you are so lucky in life as to have that be your medical problem, just say 'thank God,'" he said. The show's guests included attorney Laura Coates and former presidential and New York City mayoral candidate Andrew Yang.


"It's not life threatening. It's part of — for most people, 80 percent of men, 50 percent of women — it's part of aging," he continued. "Aging is, trust me I know, it's the degradation of the flesh. It happens to all of us."

Not holding back, he suggested the actress "put on a f–king wig like everybody else at the Oscars if it bothers you so much."


Maher also spoke on how "aspects of society," were shown like "toxic masculinity, victim culture and liberal hypocrisy." His guests were astounded that a room full of "woke" people were okay with such a display.


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"I do feel like it's part of the job of a world famous celebrity attending an award show to absorb mild insults directed at you and yours," added Yang.

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