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09th Nov 2023

Big Brother hit with more than 1,000 Ofcom complaints over contestants’ behaviour

Charlie Herbert

Big Brother ofcom complaints

A number of Big Brother contestants have been called out

Big Brother has been hit with hundreds of complaints to Ofcom over concerns of bullying behaviour towards some contestants.

More than 1,000 reports have been made to Ofcom since Halloween, about the treatment of several people towards some of their fellow housemates.

The Sun reports that 768 complaints were registered for the show on Halloween, with most of these centring on Dylan’s behaviour towards Trish.

Dylan was criticised for his treatment towards Trish (ITV)

Dylan has since been evicted from the Big Brother house, but since then Paul has come under fire for his behaviour towards Trish.

Viewers of the show saw her call out Paul for being a bully, which led to the Big Brother live feed being shut down because of the row.

The November 1 episode then saw 97 complaints made, with 45 of these about alleged bullying behaviour by Paul towards Noky.

Trish labelled former housemate Paul a bully over his treatment to Noky (ITV)

Olivia, Tom, Jenkin and Chanelle’s behaviour towards Trish and Noky was also the subject of 50 submissions.

Paul, Olivia and Tom had been causing mayhem in the Big Brother house by deliberately keeping their housemates up during the night in the hope of causing tension.

The trio attracted 62 complaints on November 3, with Paul’s behaviour was also the focus of the rest of the 161 complaints that day.

Paul has also been the focus of Ofcom complaints from angry fans (ITV)

Footage from the house showed Noky in tears as she believed the security officer had made it his mission to target her.

She said: “He’s made it no secret that he thinks I’m being fake based off of no evidence. I think he has made up his mind about me and no matter what I do he’ll continue to take every action that I make and use it as a way to confirm his feelings.

“Even though I know that it has no bearing on who I am I don’t believe that I should endure this constant accusations. I just want to have a fun and pleasant experience in here and I don’t think he is going to let me do that.”

Paul has since been evicted from the show.

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