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17th Oct 2023

Trans Big Brother star Hallie reveals mum went into debt to pay for her treatment

Joseph Loftus

‘She’s just such an amazing woman and I love her so much’

Big Brother housemate Hallie has revealed that her mum went into debt to fund her hormone treatment.

The 18-year-old grew tearful as she made the confession and said that if she wins the £100,000 prize she wants to pay her mum back first and foremost.

Hallie struggled to keep her emotions together on Sunday when the group was given family photos by Big Brother.

The housemates supported one another with hugs and kind words as they went around the living room sharing stories.

When Hallie’s turn arrived, she showed off a photo of her mum and her brother. Then Hallie made the revelation saying: “My mum has spent her whole life, putting so much of her time and effort into other people and making sure that I am happy and comfortable in myself.

“She put herself in debt to make sure I could get my hormone treatment.

“She’s just such an amazing woman and I love her so much, and she deserves much more than the world.”

Earlier on in the series, Hallie revealed what treatment she’s had saying: “At 16 I started HRT, which is, like, testosterone blockers and oestrogren, so, every night, I have to do my gel. It’s literally like cream. You pump it on and rub it in between your thighs or upper arm.

“Been on it since I was 16. Stopped for a few months because I couldn’t afford it anymore privately, and the NHS was taking really long. I went and basically said I was at risk of self-medicating because I was. I decided to go back private before I came in here because I couldn’t go without my blocker.”

Explaining what it’s like to be trans, Hallie said: “The mind doesn’t match the body, that’s the best way to describe being trans. I have a female mind but the body just doesn’t match.”

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