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16th Feb 2016

A petition has been set up to try and stop Coldplay from headlining Glastonbury 2016


We’ve been here before. Once again, there’s another Glastonbury petition in the offing.

It was announced on Tuesday that Coldplay would be headlining this year’s festival, prompting mixed reactions from festival goers.

After a petition was set up to try and prevent Kanye West from headlining last year’s event, another one, entitled ‘Cancel Coldplay’s headline slot and get a rock band‘ was established shortly after the announcement.

‘Coldplay are an insult to music fans all over the world,’ its mission statement reads. ‘We spend hundreds of pounds to attend glasto, and by doing so, expect a certain level of entertainment. Lets prevent this musical injustice now.’

So far, it hasn’t gathered too many signatures, but that could be about to change.