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13th Nov 2015

A brand new Star Wars: The Force Awakens clip confirms our theories (video)

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Hang on! What’s all this? J.J Abrams actually said there’d be no more trailers before the release of the sci-fi film we’ve been waiting years for.

But a new Star Wars: The Force Awakens clip aired in a minute-long TV spot on US telly last night. (November, 12)

In the footage Finn (John Boyega) uses his saber again, but take note that it’s not the ultimate weapon it once was, being blocked handily by a simple stormtrooper using some kind of staff.

It proves the notion we’ve already pieced together from the previous trailers; that Han is accumulating a new gang with both Rey and Finn as possible force users off Jakku, before embarking on a journey around the galaxy…