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06th May 2022

Woman who secretly poked holes in partner’s condoms to get pregnant jailed

Kieran Galpin


‘No means no here as well’

A woman who poked holes in her partner’s condoms so she could get pregnant has been jailed for a “stealthing incident.”

While “stealthing” usually refers to a man removing a condom without consent, an unnamed 39-year-old woman in Germany has made “legal history” following a recent case. The woman in question was reportedly convicted of sexual assault after poking holes in a condom belonging to her 42-year-old “friend with benefits.”

According to The Independent, the pair were engaged in a casual relationship and had been meeting since the start of 2021. In Bielefeld, North-East Germany, the regional court heard how the woman developed feelings for the man but they were not reciprocated.

The woman ultimately failed in getting pregnant, despite sending WhatsApp messages to her partner that suggested otherwise and admitting to damaging the condoms. The man then responded by filing criminal charges – and according to local outlet Deutsche Welle – the woman later admitted to manipulating her partner.

She initially faced rape charges before they were reduced to sexual assault by Judge Astrid Salewski and she has since been jailed for six months.

“We have written legal history here today,” Judge Salewski reportedly told the court. “This provision also applies in the reverse case.

“The condoms were rendered unusable without the man’s knowledge or his consent. No means no here as well.”

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What is ‘stealthing’?

According to LoveisRespect, ‘stealthing’ is described as “when a partner secretly removes a condom during sex without the other person’s consent.”

However, in recent years, the term has come to be more expansive. Now, the term relates to secretly altering birth control without consent, which can be as simple as claiming to be on birth control when you are not.

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