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21st Aug 2022

UK city named the ‘most dangerous’ in Europe, according to study


The number one spot is also believed to be the 26th most dangerous city in the world

A new survey has revealed the most dangerous city in Europe and unfortunately for us Brits, it’s one that’s based in the UK.

Published twice a year, Numbeo’s Crime Index gathers together crime-related data relating to incidents such as theft, attacks and robberies and also increases in criminal activity over the past three years, and compiles them into an index.

The system then gives each city an index number based on its level of criminal activity, with a score of 20 or less meaning that a particular area has a low rate of crime.

By using statistics from this index, Expatriate Consultancy – a company that helps provide information and advice for those looking to move abroad – was able to identify which city was the most crime-riddled in all of Europe.

Taking the number one spot is… Bradford, West Yorkshire, which clocked up a crime index rating of 71.24.

The same survey was able to reveal that Bradford is also reportedly the 26th most dangerous city in the world.

According to the same data, Bradford is home to 146 crimes per 1000 people, with the most common incidents involving violence or sexual offences.

Meanwhile, the second most dangerous city on Expatriate Consultancy’s list turned out to be Coventry, which scored 68.35 on the index list and on average had around 102 crimes per every 1000 people.

Speaking to The Express, Bradford’s District Commander, Chief Superintendent Rob McCoubrey questioned these results, saying: “West Yorkshire Police do not recognise this data and do not accept how any methodology can provide a credible comparison across continents, countries, and cities.

“Bradford is a safe place to live, work and visit. Like any city where deprivation and poverty exist there are of course challenges.

“However, we work closely with partner agencies and communities to effectively tackle issues as they emerge.

“For example, over the last three years knife crime in Bradford has fallen by 19 percent and residential burglaries by 57 percent.

“It is disappointing that this survey fails to recognise many of the attributes that make Bradford such a fantastic city.”

McCoubrey concluded by reassuring West Yorkshire residents that they should not worry about increased levels of crime happening on their doorstep.

“People in Bradford can have confidence that when they report crime it will be properly recorded and acted upon,” he said.

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