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16th Apr 2021

Chris Smalling robbed at gunpoint in front of his wife and young son

Danny Jones

Former United man and current Roma defender, Chris Smalling, has been robbed at gunpoint in his home

Chris Smalling and his family were subjected to a burglary at gunpoint in their own home yesterday evening. His wife, Sam Cooke and two-year-old son, Leo, were both present during the robbery and are said to be shaken.

The new comes from Gazzetta dello Sport, who confirmed that Smalling’s wife called the police around 5am following the break-in at the Appia Antica villa.

During the robbery, three hooded men entered the home and forced Smalling to open his safe, stealing Rolexes, jewellery and other precious valuables.

The police are said to be investigating the case, while Smalling and his family will no doubt receive comfort and support from his club.

This is just the latest in a series of burglaries targeting professional footballers in Italy; both Weston McKennie (Juventus) and Smalling’s manager at Roma, Paulo Fonseca, have been robbed.

Juventus defender Leonardo Bonucci has also been confronted by thieves in the past, punching an assailant who tried to rob him, his wife and his child at a car dealership.

Footballers are often targeted by burglars given their high-paying jobs and being regularly out of the house for matches, training and so on. It was only last month when PSG winger, Angel Di Maria, was subbed off mid-game after the news of his house being broken into.