SHOCKING: Moment Corbyn thug uses FACE to attack Rees-Mogg supporter's FIST 3 years ago

SHOCKING: Moment Corbyn thug uses FACE to attack Rees-Mogg supporter's FIST


Shocking footage has emerged appearing to show a Jeremy Corbyn thug using her face to attack an audience member’s fist at a Jacob Rees-Mogg speech over the weekend.


Video posted online captured the scenes at the University of the West England in Bristol. Footage shows the MP for North East Somerset stepping in to separate rivals as onlookers call for them stop.

Mr Rees-Mogg, a leading Brexiteer voice who has been tipped as his party's next leader, had been speaking at the University's Politics and International Relations Society. The website Guido Fawkes reported a witness as saying that masked protesters stormed the event and began shouting at Mr Rees-Mogg, “calling him a bigot and a racist”-  just for being a bigot and a racist.

BBC Somerset reporter James Craig, who was at the event, stated that the protestors were shouting "anti-Conservative rhetoric" and "trying to shout him down".

In another vile example of the hard left exercising their right to free speech, it was claimed that they were shouting anti-Conservative rhetoric.

The BBC’s James Craig added, “rather than halting the event, or ignoring them, Mr Rees-Mogg approached them and walked up to the back of the theatre where they were and tried to talk them down.”

It is then that, as the shocking footage shows, one of the hard left thugs, who were probably personally sent by Jeremy Corbyn, somehow drew a gammon-complexioned audience member towards her and appeared to attack his FIST using her FACE. So much for the “kinder, gentler politics” of the – it says here – “tolerant left”.


The episode will no doubt be embarrassing for the Labour leader – a lifelong pacifist – who had nothing to do with either the protestors or the event.

In response to the events, Conservative Party Chairmen has called for new safe space laws for snowflakes.