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17th Apr 2020

Watching Inbetweeners with your parents


We’ve all had the experience

You’re sitting in your living room as a teenager, watching a film or a TV show with your parents. Things seem fine. It’s entertaining, but there’s nothing wildly inappropriate in there at all. And then, suddenly, it happens. It can come in many forms. It can be a crude joke, a reference or, worst of all, a sex scene.

Suddenly, the enjoyable and relaxing evening you were having with your family has turned into one of painful embarrassment and constant unease. You wriggle around in your seat, as if attempting to climb out of your own skin. But you can’t. That’s not how bodies work.

Instead, you are forced to recoil in horror as your parents watch the sexy things happening on screen alongside you, reminding you once again of how you got here.

With that in mind, we forced one of our JOE employees to sit and watch an episode of The Inbetweeners with his parents, making sure to choose the episode with the most sexual references.

Please enjoy, because he certainly did not.