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16th Mar 2020

The Thick of It team explain why swearing is so funny

Wil Jones


Did you laugh? Perhaps not. But that doesn’t mean that swearing isn’t funny. It just means that swearing in isolation, without context, isn’t funny. Used correctly a swear word can be just as effective as the wittiest retort in your head.

But what is it that actually makes swear words so funny? What’s the thing that made us laugh at someone saying ‘Poo’ as kids, and keeps us laughing at someone saying the same word decades later? We sat down with Chris Addison and Simon Blackwell of The Thick of It, both of whom explained why they love swear words.

Chris and Simon have re-teamed for Breeders, a new comedy on Sky One starring Martin Freeman and Daisy Haggard, about the realities of being a parent. It’s a show that, like The Thick of It, isn’t afraid to use some colourful language – and the duo also explained the surprisingly interesting logistics filming swear-filled scripts with child actors.