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23rd Mar 2020

Can you find the coronavirus funny?


Can a global pandemic be funny?

The term ‘too soon’ is one we are acquainted with. If you’re not, it generally refers to a joke made ‘too soon’ after the event it’s making fun of. It can be jokes that are a little too close to the bone, or ones that people consider to be in bad taste.

You’re going to hear that term a lot over the next while, as comedians naturally make jokes about it. And if you’re wondering why comedians would even consider making jokes about it, it’s worth considering that this is all anyone is talking about right now, so of course humour will come from it.

We’ve already seen it in meme form on every social media platform available, and, as time goes on, we will see it in the comedy sets being taken to the stage when life as we knew it resumes. We spoke to comedian Kae Kurd about making humour out a serious situation.