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23rd Mar 2020

Eating a full English breakfast inside of a pie

Wayne Farry

You can put anything into a pie

If the rich history of British cuisine has taught us anything it is that you can encase anything in pastry or something similar and label it a pie. In many ways, everything is a pie. A shepherd’s pie is a pie, despite having no pastry. A sausage roll is a pie – it’s just open on either side. In many ways, a pillow is a pie, but with soft material inside of something edible.

The point is, normal food is just a pie you haven’t made yet. Few places understand this ethos more than those in Epic Pies, a restaurant in St. Paul’s, London, where they have decided to put one of the United Kingdom’s favourite meals – the full English breakfast – and place it inside a pie crust.

We travelled there to speak to their owner about the thinking behind the pie, what exactly constitutes a pie, and of course, taste one.