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21st May 2016

Your old iPod could be worth a fortune

*frantically searches for ancient iPod*

Cathy Donohue

If you’re a hoarder and kept your old iPod, even though you don’t use it anymore, chances are it’s worth a pretty penny.

According to The Guardian “vintage iPods” are now collector items, and are selling for staggering figures on eBay and similar sites.

One example is a first generation iPod mini, Silver, 4GB,  which is going for $2,499.99 (£1,700).

Prices vary, of course, but if you search this topic, you’ll find some selling for above $10,000. The higher prices usually apply to the unopened models, but still, there’s no harm in having a look for your old iPod.

Apple Unveils Movie Downloads For iTunes And Two New iPod Models

Los Angeles-based memorabilia seller Hermie Brieto says the popularity of Apple could be due to the fact that it’s been “around for a while”.

“A lot of people, product-wise, they like Apple very much. I guess the collectability is because of Steve Jobs, and the history of Apple” said Brieto.