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08th Mar 2017

Tinder has a secret version of the app that nobody knew about

Paul Moore

Know anyone that’s very popular on Tinder?

No matter where you go in life, there’s always an area that’s more exclusive. The corner office in work, the VIP lounge at the airport or some snooty section in your local club that’s concealed behind a velvet rope.

Yeah, yeah. To the people with the clipboards, here us out when we say “we didn’t want to get into your fancy place anyway!”


It turns out that the dating app Tinder has been hiding their own equivalent of an online VIP section because there’s a members-only version of the platform and it’s called Tinder Select.

What makes this different to the regular version of the app is its exclusivity.

According to TechCrunch, Tinder Select users are usually “celebrities and people who do really well on Tinder.” See, if you’re very good on Tinder, or if you know someone that is, it’s very likely that they’re swiping right on CEOs, super models, and other really, really, ridiculously good looking people.

Yeah, but are they happy?

The bad news is that not every Tom, Dick or Harriett are invited to use Tinder Select.

In fact, the developers are quite select about who they opt for. Once selected, these elite users can then  ‘nominate’ others but there’s a catch. Once a person receives and accepts a nomination from a current user to join, they can’t do the same.

Essentially this means that if you’re best friends with Gigi Hadid or Jamie Dornan (they definitely use Tinder), and you happen to receive an invite from them, you can’t then do the same for your college mates Mark and Laura.

They must be so sad.

If you’re deterred by this exclusivity then fear not because hope springs eternal.  As mentioned before, Tinder’s algorithmic rating system does boost the profiles of those people who get a lot of matches, likes and interaction.

There you have it. If you’re Tinder game is excellent, you might get a pretty interesting notification.

Images via – Tech Crunch