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11th Jun 2016

This new charger will back up your phone every time you plug it in

It's got your back (up)

Megan Roantree

This could come in very handy.

Every time you lose or break your phone, you tell yourself you should have backed up all the great photos and information you had on it, but you never learn.

That’s where this new gadget called Meem could come in useful.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, which raised over $50,000, the product has been launched on Amazon.


Meem is pretty simple to use: you simply plug in your phone, type in a four digit pin and your phone will backed up and saved to the device all while charging your phone.

According to TechCrunch, the cable is available in either 16 or 32gb and you can get both iPhone and Android version of it. Although this isn’t have a huge amount of space, the team have said that the device will only back up the important things on your phone and wont waste space by saving operating systems or built-in apps.

CEO Kelly Sumner explains exactly how it works in the video below.

clip via MEEM memory