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06th Apr 2017

This girl didn’t fancy her date but his reply made her absolutely lose the plot

Dodged a bullet

Paul Moore

Bullet dodged.

There’s something calming, assuring and voyeuristic about hearing the problems that other people have in their love life.

Granted, we genuinely wish that everyone finds true love – or at least someone that treats them right – but if this can’t be found, it’s 100% better to be single than stuck in a relationship with a crazy she-devil that’s willing to spew molten hot crazy all over you in an instant.

Men, women. Let’s face the truth.

We’re far from perfect but while you might ‘lightly’ annoy your partner, it’s comforting to know that there are some absolute melters out there in the world of online dating. See, your girlfriend.boyfriend is lucky to have you!

In this spirit, god bless the people at Imgur for making awkward dating stories accessible to the public.

Truth be told, this story started in a very polite and civil manner. Then again, they all do.

Ok, that’s nice.

That’s a nice, normal and respectful conversation that adults would have.

Surely there’s nothing else to add, but there is. Let the crazy commence.

Yeah, that conversation has taken a strange turn. Surely it can’t get any worse?

Yep, that happened.To quote Ron Burgundy “that escalated quickly.”

Like any rational human being, this gentleman wasn’t going to just stand there and take these insults.

This being said, you can bring a horse to water but they’re still going to piss you off.

Do you reckon he’s better off without her? Hell yes!