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30th Oct 2018

There are 158 new emojis available on the latest iOS update

We all like emojis, they allow us to express ourselves without having to use words, and we've now got 158 more of them to choose from

Reuben Pinder

We all love emojis

They allow us to express ourselves without using words, which can be a tiresome exercise. Sometimes, typing out something as long as “ok” can be more hassle than it’s worth. Thankfully we have the option of the ‘ok’ emoji, or even the thumbs up, depending on your mood.

If something is good, like really good, a simple ‘fire emoji’ will suffice as an descriptive exclamation. Describing emojis has even crept into the common lexicon. ‘That was pure fire emoji’, you might say. Maybe.

If this sounds like you, and you have an iPhone, then we have great news for you, because with the new iOS 12.1 update, there will be 158 more for you to choose from.

Some would say there are only 70, but including every skin tone and gender, the number rises to 158.

The new options include ‘smiling face with three hearts’, ‘cold face’ and ‘woozy face’, which resembles a Salvador Dali painting.

You’ve also got a range of superhero emojis and more sporting equipment to include in your Instagram captions. Finally, someone is thinking of those poor Lacrosse players who have thus far had to type out the whole word.

The full list can be viewed here, on emojipedia’s blog.