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13th Jan 2017

Snapchat will look different and will be easier to use in the coming days

Some very welcome changes.

Conor Heneghan

The new features keep on coming.

Resting on its laurels is not something that Snapchat can ever be accused of, with the app constantly coming up with new features and innovations to keep its millions of users around the world interested.

The app is going to get something of a makeover in the very near future with the introduction of a universal search bar that will make it easier and more convenient for the user.

According to TechCrunch, the universal search bar will always be accessible at the top of the app, which will make it easier to find friends, groups or certain publishers and enable users to do so more quickly than was previously the case.

Amongst other changes being introduced, users will now be able to submit Snaps to ‘Our Story’ at any place and any time, as opposed to specific events or locations as had previously been the case.

Furthermore, your profile will now be easily accessible via a Bitmoji option in the upper left corner and a ‘best friends’ tab in the friends screen (visible only to the user), will display the friends you are in contact with most frequently on the app.

The updated version is currently available to some beta testers on Android, but is expected to be rolled out to all Android and iOS users in the coming days.

The TechCrunch video below provides a handy visual guide of what to expect when it does come along.

Clip via TechCrunch