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15th Nov 2017

One of the most addictive video games of all time is about to make a major comeback

Great news

Rory Cashin

Oh no. We can already feel all of our free time ebbing away…

Back in 1997, Theme Hospital was released upon the unsuspecting public, and quickly became some kind of time-consuming demon in players’ lives.

You’d click on for “a quick game”, and before you knew what was happening, several days have passed by, you’ve been fired from your job because you haven’t shown up for work, your significant other has already left you because you’ve forgotten to wash yourself and your pet has left you to live with a more attentive family.

It was one of those “God games” which were very much zeitgeist-y in the late 90s, along with Theme Park, which eventually led on to the likes of The Sims.

But now, with the nostalgia wheel coming around to make “much loved but kinda dated video games” quite fashionable again – see also: the latest Sonic game, also the Sega Mega Drive and Super Nintendo getting mini-re-releases for Christmas – it looks like Theme Hospital is the latest old-school game to get the updated treatment.

Step up games developers Oxymoron Games, as they have announced the release of Project Hospital, which is being described as the “spiritual sequel to Theme Hospital”.

The same old-school isometric views and menu-driven gameplay is present in the trailer below, but whether or not the ailments of the patients will be for realsies, or closer to Theme Hospital’s possible diagnosis of Bloaty Head, Alien DNA or King Complex remains to be seen.

Project Hospital is due for release in 2018.