Here's how to get free ice cream delivered right to you this Friday 5 years ago

Here's how to get free ice cream delivered right to you this Friday

You like ice cream, right?

Who doesn't? Even your vegan and lactose intolerant mates sneak out for a 99 from time to time when they think you're not looking.


So what's the only thing better than some ice cream? Free ice cream.

And it just so happens that you can get some free ice creams delivered directly to you this Friday, August 12 thanks to a promotion from the taxi app Uber.

To celebrate the launch of their new food delivery service, Uber Eats, the app are giving away 35,000 ice creams to users around the UK.

More specifically, users in London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Newcastle, Sheffield, Bristol, the Home Counties, Nottingham, Portsmouth, Leicester, Edinburgh and Glasgow will get to avail of the offer this Friday.

How? Well, just open up the regular Uber app between 11am and 7pm and change your request from an Uber car to the 'ICE CREAM' option.



Then just wait for your driver to arrive with four ice creams to make you the most popular person at your office (or most reviled, should you have to pick favourites).

If there are no drivers available to deliver your ice cream when you check, just close over the app and try again later. But don't delay too much, as there are a limited amount of ice creams (35,000, to be exact) to be given away.

Uber had planned to run the promotion earlier in the summer but postponed it after the horrific terror attacks in Nice in which more than 80 people died.

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