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29th Jun 2017

Could this sound be a clue that wireless charging is *finally* coming to iPhone?

Some people seem to think there's something in this...

Simon Lloyd

Since the dawn of time – or the last few years, at least – man has wondered when Apple would allow its iPhone users to charge their devices wirelessly.

With Android blazing this cable-free trail a good few years ago, many have speculated when Apple will follow their lead.

Now, in the summer of 2017, it seems that Apple might just be set to arrive fashionably late to the wireless charging party. Emphasis on ‘might’.

With the iPhone 8’s launch approaching, techradar have pointed us in the direction of a sound file buried in the iOS11 beta. Yeah, we didn’t fully understand that bit the first time we read it, either. Stay with us though…

Discovered by MAKS+the sound file is labelled ‘engage_power.caf’ and can be heard in the video below. As the video points out, the new sound (and its file name) do appear to have something to do with charging, but sound markedly different from the ‘connect_power.caf’ sound that iPhone users are used to when plugging their devices to a cable. 

Clearly, this alone isn’t enough to confirm that iPhone users are on the cusp of an exciting new cable-free dawn, but added to the existing speculation, perhaps there could be something to it?

All the more reason to look ahead to the iPhone 8 launch.