A flying motorcycle powered by eight jet engines has been invented 2 months ago

A flying motorcycle powered by eight jet engines has been invented

The future is here - and the fines are going to be massive

A start up company has created a flying motorcycle complete with eight jet engines and has ensured that it's perfectly safe.


JetPack Aviation has unveiled a prototype of its upcoming P2 Speeder flying motorcycle that could lift 1,000 pounds at speeds of up to 500mph when completed. Dubbed an Air Utility Vehicle (AUV), the cycle is the third scale full-scale prototype developed by JetPack Aviation subsidiary Mayman Aerospace.

maymanaerospace The Speeder could be used for medical emergencies/Via Mayman Aerospace

While the model will need approval from the Federal Aviation Administration at some point, this prototype can travel a staggering 400 miles. Luckily, the company is working with officials to make it happen.

The Speeder can be used for cargo transport and, according to their website, can be piloted remotely or run entirely by itself.

However the high flying dreams don't stop there - with JetPack Aviation looking to deploy its invention in emergency situations. They do, of course, have military value - whether that be for "in-field maintenance" or "scalable swarming."

maymanaerospace They can travel up to 500mph/Via Mayman Aerospace

However that isn't to say we will all soon be queuing for Maccies on our flying bikes. After all, there were 882 accidents involving e-scooters last year. Do you really think we can be trusted with flying bikes?

"The Speeder AUV is a total game changer," primary investor Tim Draper, who's also funded SpaceX and Tesla, said in a statement.

"It is one of the most exciting, industry disrupting technologies we've seen and we were thrilled to provide this platform for its first public unveiling."


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