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21st Jun 2016

Watch this ballboy dab his way through Northern Ireland national anthem

God save the dab

Simon Lloyd

There was a time when being a ballboy or a mascot at a major football match would’ve really meant something to a kid.

Nowadays, it’s just an opportunity to show off to their mates on the telly.

Only a couple of days ago, we saw one young mascot waiting for the perfect moment to wink at a TV audience of millions ahead of Iceland’s match with Hungary.

On Tuesday afternoon, it was the turn of one of the ballboys at Northern Ireland’s crunch meeting with Germany to make waves on social media.

Well aware that he would be in the background as a cameraman scanned the Northern Ireland lineup during their national anthem, one youngster decided this was the perfect opportunity to show off his dabbin’ skills.

For those of you that aren’t quite as down with the kids as us lot at JOE, dabbin‘ is a dance craze that started over in the States last year and has since made its way over the Atlantic.

Essentially, bend your arm and make it look like you’re trying to sniff the crease of your elbow and you’re a pro.

Just like this…

You’re welcome.