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19th Feb 2017

This footage may explain Joey Barton’s pathetic act against Lincoln City

Doesn't excuse his actions

Ben Kiely

Let’s start off by reaffirming that Joey Barton’s actions against Lincoln City were inexcusable.

The controversial midfielder was heavily criticised for his pathetic attempt to get non-League striker Matt Rhead sent off during Burnley’s 1-0 loss in the FA Cup on Saturday.

He deserved it too.

Barton committed not one, but two fouls in one off-the-ball incident before arguing with the referee to dismiss the opposition player. He started with a stamp and when that didn’t get a rise out of Rhead he proceeded to run head-first into his extended arm before falling to the ground in heap as if he had been on the receiving end of a deliberate elbow.

Lincoln’s incredible feat of reaching the quarter-finals was somewhat overshadowed by the incident.

Considering just how awful it looked, trying to figure out Barton’s thought process proved to be a real challenge.

He was clearly trying to get the other player sent off, but why take such extreme measures to do so. He appeared to be a bit riled up himself, so perhaps his judgement became clouded out of anger.

If that was the case, this incident earlier in the match may provide some explanation for Barton reacting in such a fashion. He did receive an elbow to the kisser, it just happened a little bit before he confronted the referee about it.

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