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07th Apr 2018

WATCH: Latest HD footage from bus attack shows full extent of McGregor’s carnage

Rory Cashin

Assault and reckless endangerment, now in 1080p.

On Saturday morning, the UFC Facebook page uploaded a surprisingly well shot and edited account of Conor McGregor and his entourage’s attack on a bus in New York on Thursday evening.

In it you can clearly see McGregor picking up a large metal trolley and throwing it through the window of the bus, the resulting smashed glass cutting open the face and head of UFC Lightweight fighter Michael Chiesa.

From there we see the bus attempting to reverse out of the parking garage, as McGregor and his group surround the bus, and following McGregor’s screams to ‘Break the windows!’, begin to pound on every surface of the bus from every direction.

We see another person pick up a large metal bin and attempt to throw it through the windows of the bus, before being stopped by security.

McGregor then picks up a metal chair and also attempts to throw it at the bus, but is also stopped by security.

Once the bus has been parked behind a security gate, we then see McGregor and his group run out of the parking area, yelling and whooping.

Cutting to back on board the bus, we see that it is full of other UFC fighters, all of whom seem completely taken by surprise and a more than a little shook up, as well as several UFC heads, one of whom is immediately on the phone to Dana White, who then appears a little later to say that “They’re all going to be arrested.”

Considering the fact that New York does not that this kind of criminal behaviour lightly, this newly released footage will answer any questions anyone might have had as to whether McGregor’s actions were really all that bad…