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02nd Jul 2017

UFC fighter who pooed in the cage got a bonus and perfect sponsorship offer

She deserves it

Darragh Murphy

You know the old adage – “Sometimes it pays to shit yourself.”

UFC strawweight Justine Kish will forever be linked to the brown stains that appeared on the Octagon mat during her first career defeat last weekend.

Kish lost a professional MMA fight for the first time when Felice Herrig claimed a unanimous decision over her in Oklahoma City.

But that wasn’t all she lost.

She also lost control of her bowels midway through the fight, with plenty of fight fans recognising the noticeably browner canvas and taking to social media to point it out.

Kish didn’t shy away from the embarrassing and unexpected bowel movement, utilising a perfect hashtag in the hours after her bout.

Most people would have been mortified after an accident like that but Kish dealt with it like a champ and has actually got a pretty spot-on sponsorship offer, as well as a discretionary bonus, to show for it.

Wet wipe company, Dude Wipes, has reached out to the 29-year-old and announced an interest in sponsoring her.

“I’m actually considering it,” Kish said on The Domenick Nati Show. “Because, you know what, we could have some fun with this and maybe make the product less embarrassing or more funny. You know, if it puts a smile on someone’s face.”

Not only does Kish have brands looking to attach themselves to her name but she also got a phonecall from UFC President Dana White, who praised how she dealt with the incident and offered her a locker room bonus.

“The other thing that’s nice is that Dana hinted at is that I have a discretionary bonus, a gift, for my performance,” Kish added.

“The UFC’s very good at giving little secret bonuses — at least to me — here and there. I did get a nice little call. I didn’t ask and I didn’t pry how much it’s going to be or anything, so we’ll see. I’ll find out in a few weeks.”


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