UFC champion Amanda Nunes challenges Kim Kardashian to a fight 1 year ago

UFC champion Amanda Nunes challenges Kim Kardashian to a fight

KO, but the K stands for Kardashian

Boxing has become the next frontier for influencers, mostly thanks to Logan Paul and his 'fight' with Floyd Mayweather. Many TikTok stars and YouTubers are looking to break into the sport themselves, challenging each other and reenacting their favourite scenes from Rocky. In a strange turn of events, UFC champion Amanda Nunes has challenged none other than Kim Kardashian to a fight.


Kim Kardashian is used to breaking the internet, but perhaps next she will be breaking noses instead? Her iconic Paper magazine cover was the talk of the world for weeks, with many recreations and parodies sweeping the internet.

Kim, who is known for too many things to name, has conquered the internet, the makeup industry, and law.

Her possible opponent, Amanda Nunes, is a bantamweight and featherweight world champion. She has often been cited as one of the best MMA fighters out there, and a quick trip to Youtube confirms that.


Her vicious fighting style and lighting combos don't leave much speculation unless Kim has been hiding a secret Kung Fu past, of course.

UFC president Dana White even said: "How big the fight would be" if the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star agreed to step into the Octagon.


In 2009, Kardashian was one of the star fighters in a charity boxing match. She fought Tamara Frapasella but unfortunately was defeated with her mother and sister watching from the sidelines.

Perhaps a more entertaining fight would be for the entire Kardashian clan to take on Nunes? Kris Jenner is undoubtedly a powerhouse; maybe she could pull the win for her family. Here's to praying this fight goes ahead, if only for the entertainment.