UEFA likely to choose England as sole host nation for Euro 2021 1 month ago

UEFA likely to choose England as sole host nation for Euro 2021

It's coming home...

England is likely to become the sole host nation of the European Championships this summer, according to reports.


Initially, UEFA had hoped to break tradition by spreading the tournament across the continent, with England set to host both semi-finals and the final at Wembley Stadium. But for obvious, pandemic related reasons, the tournament was delayed by a year and plans to share hosting duties suddenly became unrealistic given the travel involved.

In recent months, it's been unclear whether or not the tournament will take place. What has been clear, though, is that if it were to go ahead, UEFA would have to return to the traditional format of one nation hosting the competition.

With the United Kingdom's unexpectedly positive start to the vaccine roll-out, England now looks to be the most likely location for the tournament to be played. It is thought that at such short notice, England are the best prepared nation, in terms of stadiums and transport, to take on the responsibility.

European football journalist Tancredi Palmeri has today announced: Euro 2021 very likely to be played solely in England as UEFA are opting for the one hosting country format and England is the one they believe being in best position to do so."

He added that European football's governing body will make a decision before mid April.


We could see full stadiums for much of the tournament, as well. Prime minister Boris Johnson's roadmap details that, should everything go to plan, June 21st will bring an end to restrictions on social contact, and the return of 'larger events.'

England hosting the Euros this summer would bring some much needed joy after a year and a half of misery. So let's all do our best to make sure it happens, eh?