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08th Aug 2023

Tyson Fury reveals he gets stick for shopping in Aldi and Lidl

Callum Boyle

Tyson Fury

‘Well it’s food, isn’t it’

Tyson Fury has revealed that his kids mock him for shopping at Aldi and Lidl.

The Gypsy King is one of the best-known heavyweight boxers and his hugely successful career has meant he has rightfully earned his fair share of prize money over the years.

Despite the fame and success, Fury has often been praised for remaining as humble as he did when starting out his career.

While sitting down with wife Paris Fury as part of JOE’s Everything you Want to Ask series, revealed that they still do the big shop in Aldi and Lidl.

“When I’m in Aldi and my kids are shouting ‘he’s shopping in Aldi’ and then the people say ‘you’re shopping in Aldi or Lidl I’m like ‘well it’s food, isn’t it?’

“Everywhere I go people say they don’t expect to see me there and it’s not like there’s a special celebrity place to go shopping. We don’t live like rich people.

“Whether we’re shopping in Aldi or looking for a meal deal or something or taking the kids to a funky wacky warehouse place, we’re the same. Don’t get me wrong, we go to posh restaurants and stuff like that but I feel like when you’ve got six kids screaming up and down and someone saved up a long time to go for a fancy meal, it’s a special time.

“For me I don’t care if it’s a Ritz Carlton or an all-you-can-eat for a fiver, to me I’d go there anyway, Monday to Friday, it’s not a problem.”

Fury also added that he is always on the lookout for a bargain deal and if it’s not a respectable one, it stays on the shelf.

“I’ll go to Asda, Aldi or Lidl and while I’m in there I’m looking for the deals like a packet of KitKats for a pound and if they’re not that, I won’t buy them.

“I’m not gonna pay £3.50 for a pack of KitKats that’s usually on offer, no way! No matter how much money I’ve got I just won’t do it because it’s not in me to do so.”

Watch our full interview with Tyson and Paris Fury out now. on YouTube. The link is below:

‘At Home With The Furys’ is out on Netflix on August 16.

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