Jake Paul hits back at Tyson Fury's X-rated 'p****' chant with 'Beethoven' jibe 1 month ago

Jake Paul hits back at Tyson Fury's X-rated 'p****' chant with 'Beethoven' jibe

Tyson Fury has bet $1m on his brother to beat Jake Paul

Jake Paul has responded to Tyson Fury after the Gypsy King urged the crowd at an event he was at to sing 'Jake Paul is a p***y'.


The Youtuber-turned-boxer is set to face off against Tyson's younger brother, Tommy Fury, in August, and he has been involved in a back-and-fourth feud with the heavyweight boxer.

Fury was at the Sheffield City Hall on Sunday evening as part of his 'The Official After Party Tour'. During the event, he spoke about Paul - who currently boasts a 5-0 boxing record since making his debut in January 2020 - and was keen to get the crowd involved.

The 33-year-old urged the crowd to sing 'Jake Paul is a p***y', and they didn't let him down. Fury posted the clip on social media, which, unsurprisingly, promoted a response from the 'Problem Child'.


Paul posted a video on Twitter which shows him pretending to conduct an orchestra with two wooden spoons, while chanting along with what was said by Fury's crowd.


Tyson and Jake made pricey bet

The pair's feud began when Fury claimed that he was willing to bet anyone £100,000 that his brother would beat Paul. The 25-year-old social media star was quick to react, questioning Fury's faith in his sibling if he was only willing to gamble that amount of money on his brother, before calling for the stakes to be increased.


The Gypsy King insisted that he was willing to go up to $1m, but that he wanted the money to be placed in escrow as he suggested that he has doubts about Paul's net worth.

"Hey Jakey, I want to see this million dollars in escrow sucker," said Fury in a video that he uploaded on his Twitter.

"Because I don't think you've got a million dollars. I'm not talking about crypto, I'm talking about real US green bags mother******."


Paul responded, claiming that he is serious about the bet and has made contact with Fury's lawyer about it.

Tommy Fury and Paul were set to meet last December, but Fury pulled out, citing illness and a broken rib. Now, the pair will finally clash on August 6 at Madison Square Garden.

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