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05th Aug 2021

Tom Daley has finished his Olympic cardigan and we want it

Danny Jones

Tom Daley has finished his Team GB cardigan

Hand it over, Tom

Tom Daley delighted Brits and Olympics fans around the globe after he was spotted knitting multiple times during diving events over the past week. He’s always come across as a pretty swell guy but this took the cake.

What’s better still is that aside from being a genuinely beloved hobby, he’s been knitting for charity all this time, as he auctions off his creations for various causes including the Brain Tumour Charity throughout the year.

That being said, people have been following his latest design closely on his Instagram page, ‘Made With Love By Tom Daley’ and we can confirm that he has now finished his latest project: the Team GB cardigan.

Just take our money already dude. No joke, this cool little cardy looks just casual enough that we think we could justify wearing it in the street, especially considering it’s for charity.

It isn’t even the obvious patriotic touches that we like, the kanji lettering on the front that reads ‘Tokyo‘ genuinely looks like something you’d see on fashionable knitwear – perhaps from one of those indy traders you always get adverts for on Facebook.

As mentioned, Daley tends to auctions off the majority of his stuff for charity, although he does occasionally treat himself to the odd one – or, to be more precise, he treats his dog:

But on a serious note, Tom Daley might be one of the nicest blokes on the planet and he’s raised over £5,000 in just the past two weeks after knitting a highly sought-after rainbow jumper.

We don’t know about you but we’ll be keeping our eyes and thumbs constantly hovering over his Instagram page to try and get our hands on that Team GB card, or at least be jealous when we see someone else snap it up.

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